College Exploration

Richmond tours
UASEM partners with Richmond Tours to cultivate College Exploration excursions.
Richmond Tours sends over 20,000 students a year on trips and has gathered a team of travel specialists with over 60 years of combined experience. 
College tours and trips offer numerous benefits for high school students, helping them make informed decisions about their higher education and future careers. Here are some reasons why these tours are important:

1. Exposure to Campus Environment: Visiting colleges allows students to experience the campus atmosphere firsthand. They can see the classrooms, dormitories, lecture halls, libraries, recreational facilities, and other amenities. This exposure helps students understand the environment they will be living and studying in for several years.

2. Clarification of Preferences: College tours help students clarify their preferences and priorities. By visiting different types of campuses – urban, suburban, rural, large, small – students can determine which settings suit them best. They can also gauge their comfort level with various campus sizes and atmospheres.

3. Academic Programs and Facilities: Students can get insights into the academic programs and facilities available at each college. They can meet professors, ask questions about courses, and learn about research opportunities. This information aids in assessing whether a college's offerings align with their academic interests.

4. Social and Extracurricular Activities: College tours provide glimpses into the social and extracurricular aspects of campus life. Students can observe the clubs, organizations, sports teams, and cultural activities available. This helps them assess whether they'll have opportunities to pursue their interests beyond academics.

5. Networking: During college tours, students often interact with current college students, admissions officers, professors, and other staff members. Building these connections can offer valuable insights into the college experience, potential mentors, and future opportunities.

6. Informed Decision-Making: Making a decision about which college to attend is a significant life choice. Visiting campuses enables students to make more informed decisions based on real experiences rather than just relying on online information or rankings.

7. Motivation and Aspiration: College tours can inspire students to set higher educational goals. Being on a college campus can make the idea of attending college feel more achievable and desirable, motivating students to work harder in high school to achieve their academic goals.

8. Cultural Fit: Every college has a unique culture, and finding a good cultural fit is important for a fulfilling college experience. Being physically present on a campus can help students determine whether they resonate with the values, traditions, and social atmosphere of a college.

9. Parental Involvement: College tours often involve both students and their parents. This shared experience facilitates open discussions about expectations, financial considerations, and the practical aspects of attending college.

10. Confidence and Comfort: Familiarity breeds comfort. By visiting colleges, students can reduce the anxiety and uncertainty associated with transitioning from high school to college. They will enter the application process with more confidence and a better understanding of what to expect.

In summary, college tours and trips provide an invaluable opportunity for high school students to gather firsthand information, explore their options, and ultimately make well-informed decisions about their higher education journey.