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Welcome to UASEM! 

The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (UASEM) is a public Career and Technical Education high school that prepares students to engage in complex quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills with an understanding of the principles of Emergency Management. UASEM graduates will be equipped with the skills necessary for entry into the Emergency Management field and for a college of their choice. Our students will engage with internships, collaborative simulations, student-led community training, and strong industry partnerships. We are a continuous learning community invested in understanding our students’ needs for career and college readiness and developing the personal responsibility and empowerment of our students, parents, and staff.
Our CTE pathway includes a special focus on Emergency Medicine with course offerings such as AP Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology and a culminating dual-enrollment with BMCC. Students will be prepared to enter into any medical field they wish including X-ray Techs, nurses, physician’s assistants and doctors. For students that do not opt to take the Emergency Medicine pathway, we offer a number of AP courses and students will be well prepared for any college or career they choose.
The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management provides students with authentic learning experiences that empower them with the skills to contribute to their communities and succeed in college and career. By constantly applying what they learn in the classroom and industry, students will develop the confidence to pursue their dreams and the character to serve their communities.