National Education Equity Lab

Ed Equity Lab
UASEM has a partnership with the National Education Equity Lab to offer students the opportunity to take college courses and earn college credits from universities across the country. These courses are taught by UASEM staff and college professors in our classrooms. In these courses, students build the skills — and confidence — needed to apply to and thrive in college.

The National Education Equity Lab is forging a new kind of relationship between our nation’s colleges and high schools rooted in our belief that while talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not


We empower colleges to take a more active role in developing and inspiring the next generation of leaders at scale, at no cost to students. In partnership with pioneering universities including Howard, Princeton, Morehouse, Spelman, Stanford, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, Wesleyan, Cornell, Georgetown, Arizona State University, Barnard, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, University of California and Harvard (inaugural course), we deliver and support online college credit-bearing courses into teacher-led high school classrooms across the country.

College in High School Model

Ed Equity Lab

By enabling high school students from historically underserved communities to take actual college courses from college professors, students can build the skills — and confidence — needed to apply to and thrive in college. Participating students earn widely-transferable college credits and have access to mentorship and hands-on support.