Northwell Health

northwell health
Through the FutureReadyNYC program UASEM has partnered with Northwell Health, the largest healthcare employer in New York City. 
Northwell Health is committed to working with UASEM students to provide pathways to employment after graduation. Students participate in a range of work based learning opportunities that include mentoring, site visits and paid internships, and first-hand career exploration — all designed to support students’ academic and professional growth.
"It is critical that we connect our largest employers to the next generation of leaders and create opportunities for New York City youth. The partnership between Northwell Health and our public schools will give our students real world, hands -on experience." - Mayor Adams
“As the largest health care provider in New York, Northwell is committed to working with local schools, community -based organizations and businesses to provide pathways to employment after graduation for young people who will become our future leaders and catalysts for change. We owe this to our children.” - Michael Dowling, CEO of Northwell